Photos of camp 1439

Journey of Hajj

  • The morning departure is on the morning of the day, 8am to the camp in Minne.
  • Stay in the camp and take the train to Arafa.
  • Stay in Arafa until sunset and move from the camp by train through the train and back to the camp in Minna.

Program Details

Housing (Holy Places)

Gypsum Board – Earth Brushes with Carpets or Carpets – Air Conditioning as shown in the program – Internal loudspeakers – Sofa Bed – Mattress – Blanket or heavy cotton mattress – Internal speakers – Toilet for every 30 pilgrims and toilets for at least Men and women – cleaning tools – medical clinic – religious guide – security guards – guidance and promotion

PVC tents with LED lights and mattresses – Freon air conditioning – Internal loudspeakers – Sponge mattress – Mattress – Heavy cotton mattress – Toilet for every 30 pilgrims and toilets for people with special needs at least for both men and women – Cleaners – Service Medical – Religious guide – security guards – guidance and promotion
Mattress or sleeping bag – pillow – floor brushes – sinks – washbasins and toilets




Inter-site transport services
To and from Haj City: Bus
Inside feelings: train

the food

When the pilgrim arrives at the assembly point, go to the holy places and serve him a dry meal consisting of these types: knights / cupcakes / 2 cheese / jam or honey / bread / banana or orange or apple / juice / cold water

Tea / milk / soft drinks / cold water packs / pass and Arabic coffee / light foods
Beans / white cheese or yellow / jam / white bread and brisk / cold and hot milk
Food and dinner
Main dishes (one of a kind daily): Cappelli rice with chicken or biryani rice with chicken or chicken edam with white rice and rice or rice with fresh meat (banana / apple / orange) Drinks with food: soft drinks

Drinks three times a day – Lunch served as a meal
Tea / coffee / milk / juice packs of various types / soft drinks / cold water packs
Rice: steamed rice with meat or chicken Fresh fruit (banana / orange / apple)

A dry meal consisting of two pieces of triangles / crispy cheese with cheese or cheese / shabura / apple, orange or banana / cold water / cold or hot drinks

Hospitality Package

Camp No.: 1231 Camp Category: e
SAR 6,203
  • Moving between emotions by train
  • Throwing stones after the demise of the day 12 Mujahideen and then leave the camp to the company's site in Mecca.
  • The camp has no stairs
  • Women are permitted to perform Hajj without a mahram
  • Extra Freon Air Conditioning

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For Hajjaj Internal Services, Permit No. (10173)