We ask Allaah to accept Hajj

No child will be admitted without a Hajj permit

Children who have not been issued Hajj permits must be registered in the Child Care
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Managers Word

Dr . Nayef Al Hazmi
M. Nabeel Al-Hazmi

Location of the company and camp in Minna and Arafa

Registration ends on 07/12/1440 at 8 pm Mecca time


Program Details

Housing (Holy Places)

Gypsum Board – Earth Brushes with Carpets or Carpets – Air Conditioning as shown in the program – Internal loudspeakers – Sofa Bed – Mattress – Blanket or heavy cotton mattress – Internal speakers – Toilet for every 30 pilgrims and toilets for at least Men and women – cleaning tools – medical clinic – religious guide – security guards – guidance and promotion

PVC tents with LED lights and mattresses – Freon air conditioning – Internal loudspeakers – Sponge mattress – Mattress – Heavy cotton mattress – Toilet for every 30 pilgrims and toilets for people with special needs at least for both men and women – Cleaners – Service Medical – Religious guide – security guards – guidance and promotion
Mattress or sleeping bag – pillow – floor brushes – sinks – washbasins and toilets




Inter-site transport services
To and from Haj City: Bus
Inside feelings: train

the food

When the pilgrim arrives at the assembly point, go to the holy places and serve him a dry meal consisting of these types: knights / cupcakes / 2 cheese / jam or honey / bread / banana or orange or apple / juice / cold water

Tea / milk / soft drinks / cold water packs / pass and Arabic coffee / light foods
Beans / white cheese or yellow / jam / white bread and brisk / cold and hot milk
Food and dinner
Main dishes (one of a kind daily): Cappelli rice with chicken or biryani rice with chicken or chicken edam with white rice and rice or rice with fresh meat (banana / apple / orange) Drinks with food: soft drinks

Drinks three times a day – Lunch served as a meal
Tea / coffee / milk / juice packs of various types / soft drinks / cold water packs
Rice: steamed rice with meat or chicken Fresh fruit (banana / orange / apple)

A dry meal consisting of two pieces of triangles / crispy cheese with cheese or cheese / shabura / apple, orange or banana / cold water / cold or hot drinks

Hospitality Package

Camp No.: 1231 Camp Category: e
SAR 6,203
  • Moving between emotions by train
  • Throwing stones after the demise of the day 12 Mujahideen and then leave the camp to the company's site in Mecca.
  • The camp has no stairs
  • Women are permitted to perform Hajj without a mahram
  • Extra Freon Air Conditioning

Nasser Nassar Al - Hazmi & Partners Co

For Hajjaj Internal Services, Permit No. (10173)

Online Registration

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced the start of the electronic path of pilgrims in 1440, where applications for registration of pilgrims to citizens and residents of the Kingdom who wish to perform pilgrimage this year will be received via the electronic Hajj route.
هام جداً

Steps to register online

times of work

From 9 am to 12 am From 4 to 9 pm

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Mecca

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