Terms and Conditions

Attention :

  • We do not accept any child who has not been issued a Hajj permit.
  • The pilgrim must print the Hajj statement from his account in Abshar and bring it to the place of promotion.

The believers on their conditions, and it is our duty to preserve the rights of all, God willing

All the conditions have been studied carefully to reach the greatest commitment to the Prophet’s Sunnah and the comfort of the pilgrims, so we hope that everyone will abide by them and pay the salary and we accept with open heart every written proposal. And the God of the intent behind.

First: General Conditions: –

1 · Do not smoke or bring smoke inside the bus or camp.

2 · Prices do not include guidance and there is a special committee assigned by the official authorities located in small rooms spread out in Mina outside the camps.

3. No pilgrim has the right to enter the bus or camp without the card and the wristband being worn by a man or woman.

4. Nasser Nasar Al-Hazmi prohibits the entry of any child who was accompanied without obtaining a Hajj permit through the Ministry of Hajj. Nasser Nasar Al-Hazmi will not accept any child to enter the bus at the time of the wedding or to the camp.

5 · Nasser Nasar Al-Hazmi communicates with pilgrims throughout the Hajj season via SMS, where important messages, urgent instructions and useful instructions are sent.

6. You must ensure that the mobile registered in the registration form in the portal of the Ministry of Hajj is valid for men and women and not a single mobile number is accepted for all companions, in order to ensure the company access of information to all companions.

7. After completing your registration process through the Ministry of Hajj portal, you must provide all necessary documents (photo ID and blood group for all, plus a personal photo of men only) through a link sent to your mobile later. The Ministry of Health has approved a special vaccination system called “Fort”. The health center sends the data of the pilgrim who completed the required vaccinations to the Ministry of Hajj, and shows the ministry the names of the pilgrims who did not take the necessary vaccinations.

8. You will be registered in Nasser Nasar Al Hazmi’s electronic system and you will receive a message to your mobile (with a link to access your personal page and registration number) You must keep the reservation number and submit it in all your correspondence and inquiries.

9. We apologize for the provision of facilities to those who need to be paid wheelchair, and therefore the pilgrim to register the facilities to serve him, to be registered officially through the electronic path and the issuance of a permit to Hajj. In this way, we note that Haj’s wheelchair is fully responsible for him, so we recommend that you bring his own lock.

10. The company uses an advanced computer program to register pilgrims and settle them so that the pilgrims who hold a single reservation number are accommodated in the same room (automatically), and the distribution between the halls and places automatically according to its registered program and the date of registration. Sleeping.

11 · The company originally does not rush out of Muzdalifah, but we may receive instructions from the Ministry of Hajj with binding dates to move and we follow these instructions.

Second: In feelings: –

Visitation system:

12 · Visitors are not allowed to enter the camp for any purpose whatsoever, whatever the reason.

Movements between emotions

13. * We do not offer buses to the Haram until 13 days for the general program

14. * We do not offer buses to the Haram except on Day 12 for the reduced program

Third: The responsibility of the pilgrim:

Loss of Hajj: –

15. Al-Haj is responsible for returning to the camp in the event of his departure, and we will not be late in providing any assistance we can provide. We recommend using Google Maps in smart devices by storing the camp site on arrival and photographing what can be photographed around the camp site.

Fourth: Extracting the Hajj Permit:

16 – The Ministry of Hajj to export the Hajj permits for pilgrims after admission to register in the electronic track, and the pilgrim to print his statement through his account in Abshar, and keep it and brought the time of promotion.

Fifth: Financial Conditions:

17. According to the payment system approved by the Ministry of Hajj, payment is made through the Ministry’s website and to the Ministry of Hajj account only.

Notice: Cancellation policy is applied according to the circular of Ministry of Hajj No. 9939922. The circular states that since 1 Dhu al-Hijjah, the cancellation policy follows the establishment and therefore we inform you that the policy of Nasser Nassar Al-Hazmi does not accept cancellation on 1 Dhu al-Hijjah.

Sixth: Clothing system inside the camp:

18. Men’s clothing:

In order to preserve the sanctity of place and time, we call upon the pilgrims to stay away from the so-called Bermuda dress, the jacket of the shoulders and the feline, which contains English pictures and phrases.

19. Women’s clothing:

It is required that the dress is cassia respectable transparent and not exposed shoulders or short or what is described as wearing the evening dresses and prevents pants tight or short and blouses open chest or short abdomen, and prevents sleep clothes that do not cover.

The administration of the camp has the right to object and to change the clothes in order to preserve the pattern of the awareness camp.